Founded in 1961, Diktas specialises in the design, planing, testing and production of the refrigerated display cabinets. Within more than 50 year experience and knowledge, feels the proud of presenting the best quality with the best price to our customers.

The production plant, which employs over 100 workers, located in Ankara, in the capital city of Turkey and occupies 20.000 m² covered area.

In 2016, Diktas export %55 of total production to 32 countries and contributes the national economy.

The company has grown, thanks to its dynamism and an ability to interpret and develop clients needs, to become a leader in the commercial refrigeration sector.

Diktas manufactures:

  • Serve-over counters
  • Multideck wall cabinets
  • Glass Door cabinets
  • Vertical bottle coolers
  • Vertical frozen product cabinets
  • Island Deepfreezers
  • Coldroom panels
  • Central cooling systems
  • Split Condensing units
  • To have high technology and modern production methods in order to produce high quality products.
  • Selling products to international markets and make efforts to reach world standards.
  • Developing lower cost and higher quality products by making R&D studies on the use and utility of products.
  • To increase product diversity by developing R&D methods.
  • Having a departmentalized infrastructure to improve the institutionalization policy.

DİKTAŞ aims to be a world brand with high quality and modern technology production power in commercial type refrigerator sector.


  • 1961

    Our company started its commercial life.

  • 1963

    Production of the first refrigerator in the 200m² workshop.

  • 1978

    Moved to 800m² workshop in the direction of increasing demand and started to be a wanted brand in Turkey.

  • 1989

    Diktaş made its first exports to Germany

  • 1993

    Moved to the factory with a closed area of 2.000m² and started to manufacture the first polyurethane body refrigerated display cabinet with CNC machines.

  • 2007

    Diktaş, a well-known brand in Turkey and around the world, has begun to produce in a factory with 10.000 m² closed area equipped with the latest technology machinery, equipment and automation systems.

  • 2011

    The test room, which has EN23953 standards was accredited by the University of Bristol and developed to produce energy-efficiecy products, has begun to be used.

  • 2013

    Our Oxford 76 model, which was developed in our test room, meets the energy efficiency criteria of the UK government and is ECA approved. Products with these criteria provide tax reduction for users

  • 2015

    24 of our products meets the energy efficiency criteria and has ECA approval.

  • 2016

    As a result of investments we have made in order to increase the product quality and production speed, we have imported GEMA brand Powder coating system from Switzerlan and SALVAGNINI brand Panel bender from Italy.


The aim of Diktaş Inc.Co. is to provide its customers with products at the best quality and the most reasonable price. Diktaş Inc.Co. is aware that continuity of product quality only depends on perceiving changing and increasing customer demands and fulfilling them completely. For that reason, it reflects technological innovations to its designs and production activities by following them continuously.

  • The main principle of Diktaş Inc.Co. is to carry out all activities, from purchasing to after-sale, exactly and on time.
  • Diktaş Inc.Co. considers its staff as the most valuable source for steady development, and provides them with necessary training and job environment which is participatory, safe, healthy and where success is shared.
  • Diktaş Inc.Co. undertakes maintaining continuity of Customer Satisfaction, always improving Quality Management System and using the sources, necessary, in the most effective way.


Located in Ankara, our factory has the latest technology machinery, equipment and automation on 20.000 m² closed area, employs over 70 blue-collar employees.


We guarantee that we will work with the aim for zero accidents and zero occupational diseases, and will adapt this vision in any place we are present.

We aim to conduct all our activities actively in terms of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).


We will be particularly sensitive to human health, occupational safety and environment during our activities.
We will plan and carry out our activities by taking into consideration the safety and health of our customers and all parties.


We ensure visible and supportive involvement in all HSE matters as a management.
We will lead HSE awareness in order to create a HSE culture,
As management, we will lead our designers, suppliers, contractors and employees to achieve HSE targets.


We will comply with applicable HSE legislation and relevant regulations, and apply responsible standards where these do not exist.


We will provide safe and healthy working conditions and maintain plant, equipment, machinery and ensure safe storage and use of substances to protect our employees’ health,
We will prevent accidents and diseases by engaging and consulting with employees on day-to-day health and safety conditions.
We will provide required protective equipment to all our employees and train them to make sure that they are use.
We will provide clear instructions, information and adequate training, to ensure employees are competent to do their work.
Well will conduct risk analysis in all workplace and identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to the lowest practicable levels.


We will be ready for effective intervention to implement emergency procedures like evacuation in case of fire or another significant incident.


In order to minimize our environmental impact, we will use energy and natural resources effectively, monitor emissions and ensure waste recycling. We will support sustainability by assessing lifecycle approach actively and will provide required human, finance, technology, etc. sources.


In order to ensure continuous improvement, we will develop measurable HSE targets. We will appraise and report our performance in order to ensure this aim. We will take a systematic and structured approach to the HSE commitment based on suitable management systems.

We will audit and take necessary actions which we have to ensure effective implementation of this commitment. Will investigate accidents to determine the cause and prevent similar cases. We will train our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, assess their suggestions, and keep our system updated and open for continuous improvement.


We guarantee,
Healthy life, we will not harm humans and other creatures.
Environment friendly, we will protect the nature as much as possible.
Road safety, we will conduct all our activities with road safety approach.

We require that our suppliers, customers and visitors adhere to this commitment at all times.


In addition to the investments in GEMA powder coating facility and SALVAGNINI panel benders, which he had made in 2016, Diktaş will continue to invest in increasing the product quality in 2017. In this frame, a new laser cutting machine and a new generation gas compatible gas vacuum charger have been ordered.

Diktaş, which constitutes the first dealer organization in the sector and serves its customers better and faster through its franchisees, will continue to provide dealerships in the regions it needs in 2017. As Diktas Inc Co it is our most basic understanding to offer our users the best products at the best price.


Our company is located within the overlapping principles of our vacancies, we are looking for team members can share the same vision and mission. "To be a world brand" progressive company who wants to be our companion with sure steps to target and meet the requirements for candidates for open positions, we invite our family.

Attach your CV as '.pdf, .doc, .docx’ or ‘.jpg' file format. It will be evaluated by Human Resources manager as soon as possible.


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